img_5405_mark_adjusted_cropMark Dixon attended Stanford University and graduated in 1997 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He followed his dreams into the Internet boom and worked for two start-up companies in Silicon Valley, including Akimbo Systems, where he managed the deployment of nearly 10,000 programs for its Internet video service. A citizen of the world, he has visited 26 countries and lived on three continents, including a year in Tokyo, Japan. Mark has also dedicated his life to the performing arts, entertaining audiences onstage through choral and solo vocal and acting performances in a variety of genres, including jazz, comedy, gospel, opera, improv and musical theater, and classical religious music. As evidence for global warming and resource depletion moved into prominent view on an international scale, Mark decided to refocus his life on helping America work with the world community to address these issues, by launching YERT in the Summer of 2007. Through the course of the YERT project, Mark and the YERT team interviewed over 800 people during a journey of 43,000 miles to all 50 United States– to understand and ultimately personalize sustainability for audiences around the world. Mark has worn a variety of hats shared with the YERT team, including host, producer, editor, videographer, and audio engineer. Mark is also one of 1000 climate messengers chosen and trained by Al Gore to give presentations about the climate crisis that we face today.

Photo courtesy of Erika Bowman.