With the generous assistance of the Claus Dunkelberg, of the Greater Milwaukee Committee’s Water Council, GLUE is planning one of its site visits on Friday afternoon to the amazing Great Lakes Water Institute.  The Water Institute is the largest freshwater research facility on the Great Lakes.

Milwaukee is the home to a growing cluster of businesses based on freshwater research and technology, which could represent one of the industries forming the backbone of our elusive new economy.  It is a great opportunity to check out a major hub of Milwaukee’s coordinated activity around this developing industry.  According to the Water Committee:

The Milwaukee Region is uniquely positioned to take the lead in this incredibly important industry. Over 120 water-related companies locate operations here, including five of the 11 largest water firms in the world.  By aligning and linking these companies with academic institutions and extensive research facilities and providing resources, support and connections to talent and outside markets, the Water Council is dedicated to creating a new regional economic engine with global potential.

(Note to conference participants: this is one of 3-4 site visits from which you will select one to attend during the conference.  You’ll get an email in about a week, and after the remaining site visits have been announced, asking for your selection.)