Yesterday we were proud to receive confirmation that Dick Longworth will be joining Kate Rube, Policy Director of Smart Growth America, and Tom Wolfe, Executive Director of the Northeast-Midwest Institute, in our overview panel on the morning of the 13th–“Mapping the Mega-regional Issues” (more panelists to be added).

While Dick’s extensive journalism background has covered a range of topics–from camel treks to globalization–he’s probably most well known to GLUEsters as the author of Caught in the Middle: America’s Heartland in the Age of Globalism.

Almost a travelogue through our mega-region’s similar cities and towns, Caught in the Middle teases out the effects of globalization that have hurt our communities (i.e., loss of manufacturing jobs)–but finds hope in those effects that are bolstering us (the occasional HQ of a global company, the immigrant communities).  Now with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the nascent Global Midwest Institute, Dick is leading the effort to understand how our communities must adapt.  We’re thrilled to welcome him to the GLUE Conference!