I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lynn Todman, the Director of the Adler School’s Institute of Social Exclusion, last December, after being introduced to her via a radio interview on Worldview (blogged about by GLUE intern Katie Marcuz).

Dr. Todman is engaged in an enormous effort to re-frame issues of equity, social justice, and social disadvantage from their current silos (i.e., prisoner re-entry is one issue; low income housing another) to an understanding that all of these issues are interrelated and often exacerbate each other (i.e., did you know that people who have been convicted of felonies, once released from prison, are ineligible to live in public housing?).

We are excited to announce that Dr. Todman will join us in Milwaukee.  She will serve as an incredible guide for our members who want to re-think public policy as a tool for increasing the inclusivity of our communities.