One element of the conference is what we’re calling “Track Breakouts:” three breakout sessions where the same group of conference participants is led by seasoned professionals in one specific area of GLUE activity.  The three “tracks” are: Community Journalism, Movement Building, and Issues Research & Advocacy (we ask you to choose your track during registration).  Each track will receive an educational overview and then actual training in: creating community-based media, building constituencies, or doing issues research and developing advocacy strategies.

We’ve confirmed that the Issues Research & Advocacy track will be co-led by representatives of Smart Growth America (SGA) and the Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMW), two of GLUE’s favorite policy mentors.  They know the urban policy landscape like the backs of their hands, and I can think of no better guides for GLUEsters thinking about how to strategically weigh in on policy opportunities in 2009, and beyond.

(If you’ve been reading your GLUEsletters, you also know that NEMW and SGA are partners on the upcoming Revitalizing Older Cities Capitol Hill Summit, in DC on February 11-12.  GLUE will be in effect, and we hope many of you will be able to join us in both DC AND Milwaukee!)